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If you don't know what these mean you should DEFINITELY READ THIS!

Yes, these acronyms are all somewhat controversial on the scene...

But nevertheless they describe ideologies and approaches to play that are fundamentally important to be aware of understand before even thinking of playing with anyone.

It'd be great to have your input on this subject!


Aidan xXx

SSC - Safe, Sane, & Consensual

It is held with the focus on the Sanity for safety and consent of the bottom. Although considered best among all, the top has many limits, as he/she is abide to the consent of the partner, and should not do anything that can risk the safety of the partner, even if that is being desired. This limitation is something that is 'undesired' by many, as they want better Power Exchange between them, with more power for the Top.

RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink

This is technically a replacement of SSC, and allows the activities that are prohibited by SSC (for being Unsafe with respect to Sanity). The basic concept is that, as far as the practitioners are aware of the 'Risks' involved, they should go for the activities. However, 'True Consent' is the major requirement. This one can allow more sets of activities, but psychologically in this one, the 'Bottom' has more power, as the activities are solely based on the bottom's needs. It was made based on the aspect that most of the activities in Kink cannot be 100% 'safe', and we have to take some risks. So the focus here is on 'Risk Awareness', and not on the 'Safety based on Sanity'. More and more practitioners have started to call their themselves RACK instead of SSC. However, outside the BDSM community, SSC is the most popular one to define the ideology of kinksters.

PRICK - Personal-Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink

Somewhat new and unpopular term, PRICK is an extension of RACK, which only adds a single clause to Rack (while keeping everything else same) that both the partners are responsible for their own actions. This is more like risk transfer from Top to Bottom, which suggests mainly that when a 'Bottom' has consent and agrees for an activity, he/she is responsible for the activity, and not the Top (who is actually the practitioner of the activity). In this term, Bottom has more Power than Top, as compare to RACK. Although much similar to RACK, the satisfaction in the mind of TOP allows better activities due to lesser rick involved for herself/himself. For many, the usage of PRICK does not make sense, also because of the literal meaning of 'Prick'.

CCC - Committed Compassionate Consensual

Very recently introduced term, CCC has also become popular in some small groups of BDSM. What all the other three BDSM guidelines lack, CCC has, but obviously for lesser security for the bottom. CCC is technically the maximum power exchange from Bottom to Top, and is more appropriate for TPE (Total Power Exchange) or 24/7 relationships, rather than the session activities with professionals or short term groups/couples. In this, instead of Bottom's desires and required activities, only 'Unwanted' and 'Undesired' activities are defined. In other sense, only 'Hard Limits' are disclosed. Then Top chooses/decides all the activities - when and what, himself/herself. Even 'Safewords' are not permitted. This true power exchange is desired by many, but the risks involved in this are very high. However, some 'Open Discussions' can be conducted for the changes in 'Hard Limits' so that it remains in the boundaries of consensuality, which is the base of BDSM. CCC sounds easy and satisfactory for most, but very few people can actually go for it. As soon as they realize the Risks associated, and the difficulties of handling the situations properly, they quickly revert to any of the three other concepts and adopt them appropriately.

Please note: Not all practitioners know about all these terms and not all of them consider them following these guidelines. Some avoid them and some even use different terminologies. It is also important to notice that these guidelines have no status in any of the legal systems.

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  1. I'm saying nothing on this except that it would have been better to see who knew what each abbreviation meant before disclosing the meaning! xxx Yes you are right that there are different terms used for these unwritten rules but description is unimportant as long as the meaning is understood! I do agree about one thing... these rules should be set out in a defined guide so that ALL can benefit from them! xxx