Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ponies, Pigs & Puppies - Animal Role Play in BDSM

This has got to be one of my favourites areas of interest! Not least because of the visually stimulating creativity that goes into the outfits, the potentially total abandonment of human reason (the shedding of all responsibility) on the side of the sub. And of course the complete exchange of power between Dom/me and sub can be a huge turn on.

A very important factor for many players seems to be the reinforcement of the Owner/owned relationship, the humiliation and the dependency aspect.

Animal role play also provides an intense psychological and emotional release, allowing the player to be able to loose the restrictions of humanity and what humans are “supposed to be like. And play, as with most other forms BDSM play, can also be completely non-sexual.

There can certainly be aspects of bondage and restriction in terms of physical movement which are very exciting for many. Then there is the masking, allowing the animal to slip into the role very deeply, very easily, very quickly. And perhaps also the use of mouth gags to remove the power of speech...

Clearly, the first thing that comes to mind here must be the importance of safety for the sub. For example, how do you deal with establishing safe-word-equivalents if the sub can't vocalise during play?

There are at least two types of animal that seem to be extremely popular within the scene. One is the animal as such (horse, pig, etc.) and the other the pet (dog, puppy, cat, kitty, etc.). Both provide a very different context for play. For the Dom/me the most popular roles are perhaps either the Owner or the Trainer, again providing for different approaches to play.

For many newcomers especially assuming the role of an animal can provide an easy way into the 'correct' mindset of a submissive (by removing the sense of equality). Animal role play is also sometimes used as a form of punishment for a sub who has been less than well behaved.

I know some of you have extensive experience with this form of play and it would be great to hear your own take on this, your experiences and your tips for beginners.


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