About Nina & Aidan

We are Nina & Aidan, and besides of being natural 'perverts' and predispositioned kinky fetishists we also have many years of first-hand and direct experience in the adult industry.

For quite a while we have grown more and more frustrated with the lack of full-on adult fetish parties catering to the more extreme kinks and fetishes. This sort of party normally only happens on the gay scene...

Therefore we have decided to host the hottest and most extreme full-on adult fetish parties in London. Parties where everyone is welcome, irrespective of their sex, gender, gender identity or sexuality!

Our adult parties will make any of your more extreme (legal) fantasies and kinks a reality - in a friendly, completely safe, sane, consensual, clean and sexy environment.​ 

We promote completely non-judgemental diversity in alternative nightlife through liberated, intelligent and consensual expression of sex, sexuality and gender.

Both of us identify as bisexual - or rather 'pansexual' to be more (im)precise. We have strong links with, and interests in, the LGBTQ+ communities here in London as well as elsewhere. 

We are sex-affirmative / sex-positive = Sex is nice and pleasure is good for you!


Nina & Aidan xXx

Web:         www.bizarre-events.com
Twitter:     twitter.com/BiZarreEventsUK
Fetlife:      https://fetlife.com/users/1611500
Blogger:    bizarreeventslondon.blogspot.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bizarre.x

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  1. Are there any people out there who have a fetish for hairy or naturally hairy women with hairy armpits and pussies? get in touch please.