Friday, 22 November 2013

At Kink / Fetish Events: What Can I Expect, And What (If Anything) Is Expected Of Me?

Here's another one which may seem obvious and relatively easy to answer for experienced kinksters. But of course, if you've never ever been to a 'full-on' fetish/kink event your mind will work overtime, thinking about what to expect and also what is expected of you.

Entering a fetish / kink event where people meet to play in all sorts of ways (perhaps even with partner/s present) is arguably the most complex social situation anyone is ever likely to find themselves in.

Every club worth its salt will have their 'rules of engagement' spelled out clearly way before the event. And there you'll find rules like 'no means no', 'don't physically interact with anyone unless explicitly invited to do so', etc.

(You can find our's here on our website for example:!club-rules/c20nk ).

But what is the reality like? What are your hints and tips for those new to the scene? Have you ever 'broken' one of these rules by accident (I'm sure most of us have done at some point)? How was that dealt with? What were /are  your expectations? How do those expectations translate into reality? Are there different rules for Ms and Fs?

Your thoughts are very much appreciated.


Aidan x

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  1. This is interesting and i would like to see what people think, my partner and myself have not been to an event yet but if/ when we do we wont quite know what to expect. i have this thought in my mind that if we attended our first event will most likely only involve sitting, watching and talking/ meeting people. maybe not really getting involved more just getting a feel for the event and atmosphere as we are still fairly new to the scene.

  2. Just being social, interacting with people simple conversation, relax and enjoy the ambiance. Also be truly open minded and this does not mean to engage in anything but to accept what is seen and heard. Also expect that anything could happen.