Monday, 14 October 2013

What makes a good Dominant? What makes a good submissive?

Please share your thoughts & comments on this. We're thinking about personal qualities, responsibilities, abilities, experience...

Love, Aidan xXx

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  1. Like all relationships, there are no hard and fast rules, but (stating the obvious here) it helps if the Dom(me) is naturally dominant and the sub genuinely submissive. Other than that, it's a relationship, a chemistry.

  2. A good Dominant protects & care for his Subs.
    A good Dominant is Strong.
    Naturally assertive and sure footed.
    Does not make a spectacle of his position or self.
    A good Dominant carries the deportment of a gentleman at all times.
    Most importantly must be genuine, forthright and have integrity.

  3. When the sub listens and is eager to learn and please you while training them. Does not have to be in a sexual way but they must be willing to learn and obey.

  4. Well it,s all down to likes , what you enjoy being made to do,or what you like to make others do for you.

  5. A good dom(me) understands their subs - has empathy even if not overtly displayed, is observant for signs that mean s/he should alter/continue/stop/amplify/dial down that they are doing, has respect for the position of dominance they are in, and control over how they exercise their assumed or offered power. They should exemplify trust. They should exude confidence.

  6. A good Dom doesn't take it out on his Sub out of spite.

  7. One word answers it: "Trust" xxx

  8. Being a domme by nature,I believe my slave belong to me. Meaning he is the reflection of myself,I have to protect and take care of him. If slave is neglected in looks or not well behaved it says more about his domme than the slave himself.

  9. Slaves put their bodies,souls,lives into our hands. It's more that obligatory to respect that.

  10. As a Domme..i aim to push my submissives limits,play with their mind and physical buttons,listen to their body and answer their yearnings,when they have proved their worth to Me and when I see fit,my terms.I get off on satisfying them,rewarding them for their loyalty..I admire and respect their dedication,them wanting to please and satisfy Me so simply,without force or persuasion..their desire to please physically,mentally,even when we aren't in the same breathing space,their devotion is something that I can't help but admire and I aim to give them the strength,the pain,the trust,the comfort,that they have earned..I aim to fulfill and to create a space where they are safe to let go through and through,where they are able to confront,witness and request the things that they only dream of happening..I aim to give them the satisfaction and push all limits,until their dreams are reformed,their minds and hearts expanded,take them to places where they are comforted (never ashamed) by their own lust and desires..I aim to give them as good and even better than they give to Me.The trust they give Me is something so precious and erotic for me.The power I feel and pride that comes from them through to me,by them laying their bodies on the line,for me to do as I please.Knowing that they are genuinely at their happiest,highest peak when they are trying to/serving you,what a feeling of pride and's so hard to describe for me.I've been into BDSM from a young age and learnt a lot at a young age,but it's an ever growing journey.Each submissive is so different and what I give them and how I give,is never predictable or easy to reproduce..there is so much to it for me..Im a natural Domme however i've made it my duty as well,to submit and live and breathe on the other side of the coin as well.It's important to understand both sides and despite submitting not being my natural role,I've learnt a lot about being a better Domme and also how a sub can feel by experiencing both sides honestly