Tuesday, 15 October 2013

“SEX WORKER OR THERAPIST?” By Stanley Siegel on Psychology Tomorrow Magazine

"I wrote a column as I usually do, a weekly column on the subject of sex called Intelligent Lust, that set off a firestorm of controversy. It was a column that explores the creativity of sexuality called “Sex Worker or Therapist?”.

It made analogies between those sex workers who feel that their work involves an extraordinarily compassionate and empathetic process with their clients, and I made comparisons between the kinds of skills and talents that sex workers might use in their work with their clients and those that over the years I discovered that therapists, including myself, use."

READ MORE: http://www.psychologytomorrowmagazine.com/about-the-magazine/

READ 'SEX WORKER OR THERAPIST' HERE: http://www.psychologytomorrowmagazine.com/sex-worker-or-therapist/

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